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EU, a different kind of blue

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Since we admire the inspirational thinking of Gunter Pauli,  the term Blue Economy has been close to our heart as a brilliant conceptual approach to environmental problems.

We consider it most regrettable that in the course of 2012 the European Union separately adopted the term Blue Economy for a rather vague agenda that encompasses a range of undefined activities in the maritime sector from shipping, coastal tourism, offshore wind energy and seabed mining to the use of marine resources in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In the wake of the EU the term Blue Economy is now used by an increasing number of countries and international organizations as a catch-all term for the exploitation of the ocean as a new economic model with the magic potential to lift countries out of recession. In North America such ‘blue’ development may even incongruously include offshore drilling for oil and gas.

Marine ecosystems should not be subjected to additional exploitation and unnecessary stress. It would be so much better if the EU would spend its resources to interpret the lessons of Professor Pauli in their original meaning.